Middle East Mediated at Melbourne Free University

Middle East Mediated gives you the low down on the goss between the Nile and the Euphrates. It asks the questions about the Syrian Revolution, the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and the intricacies of Lebanese and Iranian politics you’ve been too afraid to ask at dinner parties. It does all this and more by unearthing the real stories of people connected to the Middle East in interesting and sometimes unexpected ways – a beer brewer from Beirut, an un-orthodox Jew, a Muslim ultra-marathon runner, an advocate for Afghan refugees in Iran and many more.

Each week of the four week series features two guests who will each choose a “mediated” item – a tweet, YouTube video, article or an image – to kick off a lively and informative interview that will hopefully demystify the tangled events occurring in the region, taking you behind the news to the stories of ordinary people and their history and experience of this complex, and often misunderstood, region.

For more details, visit Melbourne Free University.

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